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MY MANIFESTO is a nasty little collaboration that will have the madden ones swimming in the pisspool studying what ive done. i remember when martha would croon at the top of her blacked lungs,”that man has no business on that podium!!”, it was not a good time.perhaps she just needed a bit more gin in her martini.the sun dress seemed older now. not quite as radiant.regardless of what my immediate friends and scumbag constituents believed i already had the people of america fooled hell, i was already UP FOR NOMINATION, everything was in place and going according to plan. i thought i hang back a little and see if little miranda was working in her small flower shop.would she be there?would she be wearing those opened toed sandals? would her long brown hair be as inviting as the week before?all these heinous and distracting questions filled my head and almost kept me from turning the key to the ignition.should i be doing this? would it be a sad waste? just then i heard the voice of my father telling me how the segregated south did not encourage true love. i always listen to father.father was from a time of trust and true feelings.i always tell my advisors that DADDY KNOWS BEST.