Great interview with GRANDGOOD friend NYOIL. Also, be sure to check out his latest release, 9 Wonders. He rips through several 9th Wonder beats. Link


Too often, emcees hit the scene full of sound & fury, yet signifying nothing.

This should not be the case with NYOIL.

NYOIL first garnered mass attention with the track “Ya’ll Should Get Lynched” – an attack on “coon-assed rappers” – but his resume reads much deeper than one song. As evidenced by his album, Hood Treason, NYOIL has the goods to be more than just another face in the crowd. With a commanding voice & outstanding lyrical ability, he is an emcee of years before, following in the pathway laid by Chuck D & KRS.

In this interview with the Crew’s Wit-E Beats, NYOIL speaks his heart & mind, averting no subjects – How he got his start, being an independent artist, his upcoming album & its features, overuse of the N-word…bootleggers…hip-hop…internet marketing.

Get the picture that this man will leave no stone unturned in his quest for greatness?


Now take a listen.

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