Great news. For two weeks in May, KRS-One is taking over production duties for Rap City on BET. Hopefully, we get to see some crazy special guests on the show too. Let’s get a couple Grandmaster Caz freestyles in The Booth! Link

And why nearly 20 years later is the official relaunch of the movement happening?

Well, I don’t think there will be an official launch, truthfully. This is a movement that’s just going to happen. All of a sudden you’ll just start seeing the expressions of this movement. If there is one date that we are all looking at right now it’s December 31, 2007. At noon it becomes December 32nd, and we take a twelve hour day of prayer, fasting and meditation…That’s the first [unofficial] launch. The second launch will be the second and third week in May. The third week in May is Hip Hop Appreciation Week. The second and third week of May I’m going to produce BET. When I went to Atlanta and accepted the “I Am Hip Hop Award” [at the BET Hip Hop Awards] I ran up on Stephen Hill and we started talking. About a week later we [had] a meeting and discussed BET and their bullshit. And when we came to the final conclusion, BET is sick of BET. The people that work at BET are sick of BET. It’s a job for them. When I gained that enlightenment, that Stephen Hill actually wants to do something… Stephen Hill suggested, “Why don’t we see what you’re talking about, in terms of balanced programming. Why don’t you take over two weeks anytime in 2008 and program Rap City.” So the Stop The Violence movement links into that because two weeks into May I will be taking over the Rap City airwaves and putting out a version of Hip Hop I would like to see.