If you’re in the NYC area and not watching The Bridge, then stop sleepin right now! Ralph McDaniels still doing it Video Music Box style! I went to that free Biz Markie show over the summer. One of the best shows I’ve ever been to. It was billed as a Biz and Lovebug Starski performance but so many old school cats came out and rocked the mic. Plus, I got video for most of the sets too! Uncle Ralph, holla at me! These episodes aren’t the best quality but much props for upping this. Now, if only I could find the DVD box set somewhere… 12/22/07, 12/29/07, 1/5/08 (via)

update: The links expired so I bunched up all three episodes into one .rar file. Enjoy and keep it alive. link

The Bridge – Hip Hop 12/22/07
Featured Artists of the Night: Whodini, Nas

The Bridge – Hip Hop 12/29/07
Featured Artists of the Night: Biz Markie, Roxanne Shante, Nas, Busy Bee, Grand Master Flash, Mele Mel, Doug E Fresh

The Bridge – Hip Hop 1/5/08
Doug E Fresh (commentary)
Slick Rick (vids)
Furious Five (a little plug)
Big Daddy Kane, Busy Bee (some commentary)
Marley Marl (commentary)
MC Shan & Marley Marl (vids)
Marley Marl (commentary… Talks of Big Daddy Kane speeding it up — MC Shan brining in the ladies to the vids..Rakim/Eric B, and more)
Eric B & Rakim (vids!!!!)
KRS-ONE, Big Daddy Kane, Furious Five (quick hits)
KRS-ONE (commentary)
KRS-ONE – Boogie Down Productions – Criminal Minded (vid)

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