With 2008 almost upon us, I thought what better way to celebrate the new year than to make a 90s hip-hop mix. However, I didn’t follow the same formula as other mixes from this era i.e. compiling the most popular songs from the most popular artists. Instead, I looked through the archives for some incredibly dope tracks from some relatively unknown artists. Why? Cause more than anything else, the 90s was all about that dope rapper from around the way no one’s ever heard of that, for some reason or another, never got the shine he deserved. It’s about that rapper who made his ends any way possible just so that he could pay for studio time. Most of all, it’s about that rapper who was able to release that dope single only to never be heard from again. This mix is dedicated to you.

And in case you missed it the first, second or third time around, I uploaded the first three Mingo Mixes as well. Links below. Enjoy…

Download Mingo Mix 1.0 courtesy of grandgood.com

Download Mingo Mix 2.0 courtesy of grandgood.com

Download Mingo Mix 3.0 courtesy of grandgood.com

Download Mingo Mix 4.0 courtesy of grandgood.com

Track Listings for Mingo Mix 4.0: Who Are These Guys? 90s Mix
01 – Izm Da Mad Soul – Who Lit Dat
02 – Red Hot Lover Tone – Wanna Make Moves (Greg Nice Mix)
03 – The Whooliganz – Put Your Handz Up
04 – Numskullz – If It Ain’t Raw (G.A.P. Town Mix)
05 – Crazy Sam & Da Verbal Assassins – 5 Boros
06 – The Brotherhood – Hit The Funk
07 – Kool Kay Dee – Vibing In The Cipher
08 – Blackstract – Diary Of A Mad MC
09 – J-Treds – Praise Due (Indopepsychics Remix)
10 – Al N Ted Experience – Boom This In Your Vehicle
11 – Munk Wit Da Funk – I Blame My Neighborhood
12 – Code Red – Wrapped