Immortal Technique

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I begin this new installment today by apologizing in advance for the incomplete nature of the subject matter being presented. I seek only to give brief examples and not go too in depth into slavery or racism but more so to discuss why we who were once the victims of this and other American’s still hold onto the idea of Race. I correlate this stubborn inability to let go with the very way in which slavery and racism became a part of this nation. Explaining the difference between the institution’s past, present and future will hopefully help us to understand how to fight it and overcome it, as it remains alive not just in visible places like Jena Louisiana but all over the world as well. We are only given a glimpse of Racism when looking at Black and Brown issues of inequality in America. Prejudice continues to flourish globally for a variety of reasons. But to further explain how Racism, which is the institutionalized belief and law-backed ideology of racial superiority) came to outlast the very condition of slavery from which most people see it originate from we must go back to the beginning. We must go back before the times of our own Empire and subsequent Corporate Republic.