recently got a chance to interview Mixtape pioneer G-Bo the Pro. The thing I remember most about Double R and G-Bo the Pro tapes, besides the crazy blends, was the superior sound quality versus other mix tapes out. Their tapes were pretty crystal clear and always made for great sounding dubs and 3rd generation copies. This era of early 90s mixtape djs, like Double R and G-Bo, Ron G, Craig G, S&S, etc. never gets the credit it deserves as far as influence during the time. Barely anything written or covered on hip hop from like 1990 to 1995 even mentions the influence of mixtape djs. For the most part, people blastin music out their cars weren’t tuned into Stretch and Bob or Funkmaster Flex or whoever when they came around the block, they had Double R tapes! Kid Capri gets some recognition mostly for rockin clubs but while everyone loves early 90s hip hop, they forget that mixtape Djs played a critical role in the development of both the business and the music itself. Beat jugglin, crate diggin, crab scratching, competition winning, radio show hosting DJs get all the early 90s glory but the mixtape DJs had the power.

G-Bo the Pro
DJ Craig G
DJ Chill Will (also seen here)
Ron G
Dirty Harry