Short Q&A with one of my favorite MCs in the Wu, Masta Killa. It seems like he doesn’t interview often so be sure to check it out. Link

This was the first album where you guy worked with producers outside the immediate Wu family. Was that any different in terms of your collective approach to crafting a song?

Well, even with those producers like Easy Mo Bee and DJ Scratch, they’re close to us. They have a feel for Wu material and their own material isn’t too far away from that. For me it doesn’t matter. I look for in music what I look for no matter who produced the track. I just love good music.

I saw a lot of both Easy Mo Bee and DJ Scratch during the making of the album. Both put a lot of work in and were a real part of making the tracks work. Easy Mo Bee is just a real humble guy and overlooked as a producer. That man’s a legend though. He’s kind of like me as an MC. I feel that I talk enough on the mic, so I don’t have to explain a lot off the mic. I’d rather be judged from the music I make. I talk about things important to me. I don’t talk about what I drive, or wear. I look for feeling and a nourishing. Something that you can still go back to 10 or 20 years from now and feel you can relate to. Easy Mo Bee captures moments that you can go back to at a later point and enjoy and connect to.