We Book Our Own Tour

Not sure why I am only hearing about this right now but the tour consists of 2Mex, Life Rexall, Existereo and Pickster One. Been a fan of these cats for a while so I’m definitely going to that NYC date. buy tickets for NYC show


09/05 Des Moines, IA @ Vaudville Mews, 8pm
09/06 Minneapolis, MN @ Dinkytowner, 9pm
09/09 Iowa City, IA @ The Picador, 9pm
09/10 Columbia, MO @ Sapphire Lounge, 9pm
09/13 Detroit, MI @ Alvin’s, 8pm
09/14 Flint, MI @ East of Averill, 8pm
09/15 Boston, MA @ Mcganns, 8pm
09/17 Providence, RI @ AS220, 8pm
09/18 New York, NY @ Knitting Factory, 8pm
09/19 Clarksville, MD @ Duck’s House-House Party, 8pm
09/20 Greensville, NC @ 21 Eleven Beer and Wine, 8pm
09/22 Miami, FL @ Laundry Bar, 8pm
09/23 Jacksonville, FL @ The Shantytown Pub, 9pm
09/27 San Marcos, TX @ The Tantra House, 8pm
09/28 San Antonio, TX @ Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar, 9pm
09/29 Austin, TX @ Emo’s, 8pm
10/04 Mesa, AZ @ The Hollywood Alley, 9pm
10/05 Las Vegas, NV @ TBD, 8pm