Wow, this is some wild motherf*cking shit. I came across Puzoozoo Watt’s mysp*ce page, where he drops a nice rhyme on that old cool ass “Indian Flute” beat, and started thinking about that Self-Help tape he dropped back in 1998 or thereabouts. The weird off-kilter melodies and samples paired with the loud Blowedian sixteenth note hi-hats made a product that was kind of unlistenable to non-fans, but sick at the same time for being so odd.

Check out this live footage from Rico’s Loft, and you can peep the song Take Hold which I have been singing the lyrics to all morning, and coincidentally found just now. Peep Puzoozoo’s weird, super-rhythmic, singing style, and his sister Vixen’s abstract delivery, on top of Slant’s prototypical Blowed style production.

Take hold, enter with, numerous, things, and the luminous (?), brings and the rumor is your skins, are very high priced, the value is your life, take hold never fold, continue to fight

The lyrics are not necessarily incredible but put together like this, it becomes memorable stuff (sh*t, I remembered these lyrics for about 7 years now?).

Also check out Vixen’s solo joint Twice As Hard, on another one of Slant’s beats (you see the style yet?). I remember seeing footage of Vixen serving the daylights out of another female emcees at Blowed (I think on Murs’ LA underground documentary VHS joint), and got respect for her because of it. She just had style is why.

Dope all-in-together footage with all three members on top of some live instrumentation. Raise your hand if you fux with “in(sense)” off the Beneath the Surface album. Around 4:26, it gets rhythmically ridiculous courtesy Slant Eyes Cali-9 and then everybody ‘jumps on it’ accordingly. You can see the sibling love in the house (I think?).

More of Puzoozoo’s original ass style, which is bananas. Never heard this track before. But this shit is some real genre-less shit although it’s undoubtedly hip hop. I’ve only seen Puzoozoo a couple times at the Blowed but he always sneaks up from the entrance, holds it down hard on stage, and his physical presence on the mic is a direct contrast to his delivery. Right here you can almost see some similarity to how Busdriver has developed as an artist.

I also found some ridonkulous footage of Slant and Puzoozoo doing Tippy Toes (also on Self-Help I think), and some other verses and completely killing it at Project Blowed’s 4th anniversary. Some more vintage shit of how Blowed used to rock. I’m not sure if you hear the old host Chu in there or not.

Slant Eyes killing some more freestyles, peep the signature LA Claw hooking out the moist eyeballs of spectators amidst all types of mechanical and fluid chops.

This made my morning! I’m telling you, the LA Underground, at one point, could have been the next Grunge of Seattle, or the forward to the Crunk of the South, but instead, was an undertone to the Jiggy of Diddy.