Biz Markie

For the past month or so, Altrap has been putting up some great mixtapes from the likes of DJ Premier, Stretch & Bobbito, Ron G and Marley Marl among others. Be sure not to miss out on this! Link

…[decided] to go into my storage boxes and pull out all my old radio show tapes, the old mix tapes I copped from Depth Charge and DJ MK, and all the dubs of dubs of dubs that were passed around my small circle of Hiphop homies. As I listened to all this old shit I hadn’t peeped for years I decided that I should share it…About 10 tapes in, I hereby declare June on, “Home-Taping Is Killing Music Month”, and will now attempt the difficult (but not impossible) feat of putting up a new tape rip every day.