MC Shan

Shan has some harsh words when asked about the new KRS and Marley album. You’d be surprised at who it’s directed towards though. Link

Marley Marl recently recorded a song with KRS One called “Rising” where KRS says he owes you credit for the start of his career, what are your thoughts on that?

Well, you know what people need to do? Stop talking shit and listen to what he’s saying. I’ve been trying to tell people that for years [laughs]. And Kris know I didn’t quit rhyming because of Kris. Fuck that, Kris know I woulda got at him. Back in the days if anybody came at me, the whole industry knew that Shan was that motherfucker. You wanna battle, you wanna have confrontation? Talk about Shan.

Now in between the time of Kris and Cold Chillin’ came Snow. I got paid! I was like, fuck all this, I’m not fucking with you Cold Chillin’, I don’t care what this one or that one says. And due to the fact of Marley Marl, he was a sucker, I’m telling it again because I’m tired of people putting that on me. Back in the days I woulda got at you, I woulda got at his momma, I woulda got at anybody. And Marley was like – yo, don’t make no more records about Kris, it’s gonna make him famous. So he’s the producer and I listened and now I’m stuck with that stigma and then 20 years later [Marley] goes and makes a record with [KRS One], you faggot [referring to Marley Marl].

And you see that right there, I’d make a record with the motherfucker [referring to KRS] but it would have to be real. We gonna have to get paid in the end but it ain’t gonna be about the cash, like – oh let’s do this record for the money. And I do hear that [Marley Marl and KRS One] did an album but I don’t hear it bumping in the street; so what the fuck is that?