Slug (of Atmosphere)

Slug talks about a variety of topics, most notably overcoming his addiction to alcohol through constant touring. Big ups to him for that. Link

The last time we talked to you, you talked about your tour being like group therapy or a cathartic ritual. Do you think that’s something you need to do?
I think that at this part of my life, the phase I’m in, yeah. I haven’t really found another way to accomplish what I’m accomplishing when I perform. I haven’t figured out a way to scare the shit out of myself in a manner that I appreciate better than performing. Catharsis, that was one particular tour in general. I was trying to figure out if I could make my work work for me in a way that I haven’t tried before. I was dealing with a handful of things, most notably a lot of alcohol. I was really attempting to use that tour as my 12-step program to get off of the alcohol.

How did that work out?
It was lovely. I didn’t quit completely, but I’ve gone down from about eight beers and four shots a night to three beers a week. I owe a lot of that to that tour. I basically put as much as I could into that tour across the board. I did as much press as I could on a daily basis. Every in-store that they would possibly let me do—I would show up at your community center. I would talk to kids about rap. I basically went as professional as I could and as time-consuming as I could to really distract the fuck out of me and get me to stop abusing my body with alcohol and fast food, and essentially it worked. I haven’t eaten a Whopper Junior in over a year, and my drinking has gone way down. I can’t even remember the last time I was drunk. Now, if I do have a beer, it’s pretty much social, and it’s pretty much ’cause it tastes great with my cigarette.