Hell Razah


Is the affiliation with the Wu as strong as it was at the origin of your career?
Nah, ’cause I ain’t have no Wu help for this album. I A&R’ed this album. It’s comin’ out on my own company, Hell Razah Music..Rza ain’t do no beats on here. I got one Wu Tang affiliated producer, which is 4th Disciple, who I’ve been workin’ with since the beginning of my career. Me and 4th Disciple got a project that we workin’ on together like some Eric B. & Rakim type shit. You’ll be hearin’ about that soon, too ’cause we finishin’ that shit up right now. Me not havin’ 4th is like Snoop not havin’ a Dr. Dre beat. There was no way I can’t have a 4th track… They already sayin’ it’s one of the best Wu Tang affiliate albums and shit like that. Regardless of what I do, they’re gonna attach it to Wu Tang. At the same time, me as a representative, this is me standing up on my own now…Killah Priest and Timbo King are the only Wu affiliated artists on this album..Everybody else other than that is their own man. Like Tragedy Khadafi, MF Doom, Talib Kweli, Ras Kass, RA The Rugged Man..Those are all MCs within their own realm. You gonna hear some real MC shit.

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