8 Diagrams, can we talk about this? A new Wu-tang album with you guys back with Steve Rifkind, this is pretty monumental. Especially with Steve trying to get the Loud name back as well.
That is going to be the shit. Me and Steve are on a mission not because it is a great musical thing, but we realized that the business side of Hip-Hop has also changed in the sense that the people who are controlling it, the ideas of what is being put out there, the executives have a lot to do with that too. So we are looking at being two powerful executives who are giving pure Hip-Hop a chance to live again. Not saying that what everyone else is doing isn’t pure Hip-Hop as it is coming from their hearts. But there is a certain vibe that you once got from Hip-Hop that would make you drive faster, it made you stand up for something and right now you may have music that makes you want to have sex and bounce your booty, but not that music that makes you want to be somebody.

That is expected in the summer right?
Yeah I mean I am not allowed to talk too much about it, but we are really on a mission. It is not just creative, it is something that is important for the business side of Hip-Hop and hopefully it will make a difference.

You know Ghostface has a solo album, Meth had a solo album and GZA been doing his solo thing, we all got careers and lives, but it doesn’t mean nothing in comparison to what we call voltron. That is what time it is, but right now nothing else is important to me, yeah its cool and its good but this is something that means more than us. It means way more than me. You know I told Steve it isn’t going to cost a lot of money to do it, I ain’t even about the dollar, this is about what we stand for and what we mean to this world.