DJ Chong Wizard & X-Clan – Robots of Dawn Mix

DJ Chong Wizard & X-Clan - Robots of Dawn Mix

Nice mix here with a new Deeskee-produced track featuring 2mex & Lord Zen (of Visionaries), Liferexall (of Shapeshifters), Brother J (of X-Clan) and Sach (of The Nonce). Link (via)

01. X-Clan – Hovercraft/ Why You Doin’ That
02. X-Clan – Why You Doin That RMX (prod. By Craig Rip) (EXCLUSIVE)
03. Rack Lo (Lo Lifes), Azeem, Lil Sci (Scienz of Life), AKIR, Bashir, Phoenix Jones, MeccaGodZilla (M.I.C.) – Robots of Dawn Theme (DJ CHONG WIZARD EXCLUSIVE!!!)
04. X-Clan – Weapon X
05. Cheebacabra – March of the Biomorphs
06. DJ Chong Wizard, Brother J & Poizunus – We Sun Riders (interlude)
07. DJ Chong Wizard – Re-Boot Dat Funk (instrumental)
08. Ammon Contact f/ Brother J & Cut Chemist – Drum Riders
09. Deeskee f/ 2Mex & Lord Zen (Visionaries), Liferexall (Shapeshifters), Brother J (X-Clan), Sach (The Nonce) – Metronome Click [prod. by Deeskee] UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE
10. Scienz of Life – Respect The Pioneers
11. X-Clan – Space People
12. Parliament – Presence of a Brain
13. Unagi – Rollin’ Ronnie
14. J-Dilla f/ Common – E=MC2
15. OC – The Inventor
16. Tom Green – Science Is Everywhere (interlude)
17. X Clan – Positrons
18. Brother J – Positron Shout Outs (interlude) w/ J-Dilla – Over The Breaks
19. Ultramagnetic MCs – Mechanism Nice
20. Black Grass f/ Okou – So Many Ways
21. DJ Chong Wizard – Cancel The Project (interlude) [prod. by Ricky Ropesack]
22. Monsta Island Czarz – M.I.C. Check (MeccaGodZilla, Infinite EVOL, Monsta X, Gabarah, Kongcrete, Superstar Jet Jaguar, Megalon) [prod by MeccaGodZilla]
23. Kool Keith – I’m Seeing Robots
24. Tycho – From Home
25. Clan Destined – Set Your Soul Free
26. When is the Spaceship coming? (interlude)
27. Muallem f/ Beans – New Thunder (The Emperor Machine mix)
28. Disflex.6 – Space Drugs/Bad Machine
29. Thaione Davis – Guidance
30. Unagi – Shoulda Known Better
31. X-Clan f/ Damien Marley – Cultures United
32. Sly n Robbie vs. Mad Professor (Dub Revolutionaires) – Victory Jam

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