As mentioned in previous posts, Sarah Coleman is an artist from the UK responsible for the London visual arts exhibit and the limited edition Sage Francis notebooks. Nice interview here. Link

Dinos: At what point did you realise you had a series/collection?
Sarah: I did the collection especially for the show. It had to be worked on in one go as I can’t work on things like this piecemeal. The only gradual thing was the organisation of it and ideas generation; the actual production of the work was done in a blur of creative, frantic output! Not all the pieces went into the show though; I was fairly brutal.

Dinos: Have any of your raps/poems been inspired by a work of non musical/hiphop art?
Sage: Yeah, but nothing conventional. By that I mean…most of my work is inspired by moments of life that are artful. Those moments are often lost on people. I know when I lose those moments. It happens a lot. Sometimes I am lucky enough to catch it and commit it to memory or put it on paper. But art has a lot to do with experience, and if I ‘experience’ a piece of artwork, I take that with me and hope that it manifests into something of my own eventually. We carry all these little things around with us like pack rats.