Tragedy Khadafi

Here’s a recent interview with Tragedy Khadafi. Link

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Bossip: You know I have to bring up the incident with Maino…, with your response to that you were cool on it, you really didn’t retaliate too much…can explain why you didn’t …and take the higher ground and be a man about it.

Tragedy: Basically it’s because I am a man, you know, aside from what people want me to do or want to hear I know the consequences and repercussions of real beef and war, I lived thru that. A lot of readers and listeners and consumers of music get caught up in the sensationalism of drama and beef. And I understand that sells. I brought up Capone and Noreaga that way, revived Mobb Deep in that way….the west coast effort of New York, New York….the east came back with L.A. L.A. Their careers were slowing down a bit, so it helped a lot of people. I lived through a lot of things in my little 35 yrs on this earth and seen a lot of things and aside from being an artist unfortunately more than fortunately the street life it’s not a pretty life I watched people die for nothing. I watched men die and lose their lives over nothing. And I realize the power of words— power and energy that words give off and excite things in this nation. I won’t participate in that anymore I know the power of words because I am a man.