Long-time wu-element True Master filed a lawsuit against Rza + fam for “breaking their contracts with him and unjust enrichment at his expense.” I guess that means he wasn’t getting paid like he thought he would from all the beats throughout the years, which is a shame because there’s been a lot of classics. One of my favorites would have to be ODB’s Brooklyn Zoo. Link

[audio:http://www.grandgood.com/wordpress/audio/ODB – Brooklyn Zoo.mp3]

Stream Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Brooklyn Zoo

First of all, his lawsuit was [initially] thrown out. That is bull because for somebody to even act [like] they’re gonna come and sue Wu-Tang on that level as far as our inner circle is nonsense because brothers gotta look at where they came from and where they was at and what they was doing. Everybody received their just due. Ask him how much money did he get from on the strength of Wu-Tang and what type of things has he received from being a part of Wu-Tang.