Obviously, a lot of what he says is intended to get some buzz going for that show he has coming out on VH1 but I know this is not the first time a lot of you have heard this argument: “A white rapper cannot be considered a white rapper until he rips in front of a crowd of black people.” Link

As always I hope this find you in good health and spirits. As many of you know and many of you who do not, I shot a TV show for VH1 called “Ego Trips: The White Rapper Show”. The premise is that we take ten white MC’s and put them in the South Bronx and teach them about Hip Hop. Due to contracts that hold up my paper I cannot tell you anything more except that there is an intersting thing I have discovered. The White Rapper experience. Many of you may not be familiar with this but I can speak from first hand knowledge that it is very interesting. The premise of being a white rapper has gotten so white washed. I met white rappers, and please do not be afraid for what I am about to tell you, but I have talked to and dealt with white rappers who have…ready…NEVER PERFROMED IN FRONT OF BLACK PEOPLE!!!!. How is this possible? Are the black people so hard to find for white rappers? Are white rappers not going to black people to seek thier approval. HOW CAN WHITE RAPPER BE WHITE RAPPERS IF BLACK PEOPLE HAVE NEVER SEEN THEM RAP. Here is a message for many of you that might have grown up on hip hop being an over satruated image driven music that dominates the charts and the screens. Hip Hop cuture is Black culture….period. You can take the hood out of Hip Hop but you can’t take the Hip Hop out the hood. I would like to make a statement to all those white rappers who read this or those who have to tolerate a white rapper when they come around. A white rapper cannot be considered a white rapper until he rips in front of a crowd of black people.