Damn, I’ve been sleepin’ on this post for almost two months now. Nothing much I can say about this that won’t bore most of you. This is the second time seeing Boot Camp Clik live and they killed it again. Raekwon performed classic material from Only Built For Cuban Linx and even brought out surprise Wu guests like Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck and Gza, which led to renditions of Triumph, Liquid Swords, Glaciers Of Ice and Criminology.

My biggest problem was the set by Mobb Deep. Calling it lackluster is a definite understatement. Most of the set list was comprised of tracks from albums not called The Infamous or Hell On Earth. I wasn’t feeling it and the crowd wasn’t either. Compared to the previous acts, the noise level for Mobb Deep was almost inaudibile. Needless to say, their set sucked a**.

Note: If the audio quality of the videos bother you enough to press mute, then you have no business listening to hip-hop. Really, I’m just kidding. But honestly I am not.