This is starting to be a bad trend of mine. I had planned to write a long review of the show but time and laziness got the best of me once again. Throw in the fact that this event took place almost two months ago so my memory is failing me more and more, day by day. The bottom line is no words can describe seeing, arguably, the best MC to ever live.

There were many opening acts but the Grandmaster Caz and Raheim set outshined them all. I have to take some credit for that since it seemed Caz didn’t even know a Rakim show was going on until I text messaged him {patting myself on the back}.

Overall, there were many notable people in BB Kings that night. I tried to list as many as possible below. I also took some pictures.

The real highlight of this post and the main reason why it’s going up after all this time is that I recently happened upon great show and interview footage via Current TV. The one with the crowd reciting almost all of Paid In Full gave me the shivers. Enjoy…

Current TV Videos

In the building
Grandmaster Caz & Raheim
Kool Herc
Nice And Smooth
Ralph McDaniels
Kid Capri
DJ Scratch
Steele (BCC)
Immortal Technique
Killah Priest
Timbo King
Ultramagnetic MC’s (without Kool Keith and Ced Gee)