Three part interview with Lord Finesse.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

About your latest project, the “Funky Technician” remix project. How did that happen and why did it happen?
That happened because I was talking with Buckwild about doing instrumentals; an instrumental album for the first album. Which I did, I’ve got that done. It was like why won’t we remix some of the old joints. It’ll also have a few bonus cuts like “S.K.I.T.S. remix”, “You know what I’m about remix”. I’ve got a version Muro did for me. It’s coming along but I just want it to be an album that you just pick up and enjoy you know. As a matter of fact I will put up a second verse by O.C. on the “S.K.I.T.S. remix”.

Which one of your LP’s do you like the best?
“Funky Technician”… the hunger! When you do your second and third album, the hunger is never the same as the first album. ‘Cause like I said I was living at my grandmother, I didn’t have no money, I was on a come up…Once you get money you buy gear and cars and chains, you’re more feeling the females. You might not have been getting that many females, so a lot of your time goes out to fucking a female. You’re not focussing on writing rhymes, you’re focussing on going to a party, sliding-off with this chick and go to her crib!