Dextah/D128 - Relentless Disillusion DVD Cover

GRANDGOOD is proud to present an exclusive audiocast featuring music by Dextah, a Los Angeles based producer originally from Chicago. He blesses us with a 19 minute, 40 second mix featuring released and unreleased songs and instrumentals from various projects including:

the upcoming CD/DVD titled Relentless Disillusion where he handles all the music and his partner System D128 (Banned in Libya – Diplo, Silverback Mountain King – Bigg Jus) handles the visuals
his track from the split 45 he did with Age titled Another Day At The Job
his recent contributions to the Bash Brothers’ album Everyday
unreleased songs and instrumentals

Look out for his releases in 2006 and his work on future GRANDGOOD projects.

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Size: 37.7 megs
Playtime: 19min 40sec
Picture: Relentless Disillusion Cover

intro – dextah
the sun never shines – dextah
america rmx/america – bash bros.
america sample – donny osmond
cypress hill sample – bb king
souls of mischief/murs sample – ramsey lewis
drum break 1
drum break 2
drum break 3
uptown – l.e.f.t.
cover your eyes – dextah
my my – dextah
pimp parade – bash bros.

GRANDGOOD Audiocast: Generally we feature newly released Independent / Contemporary Hip-Hop, as played by people from GRANDGOOD. Broadcasted on the eleventh of each month. Every now and again grandgood friend Lapu Patiño also blesses us with random audio. Visit for more info. GRANDGOOD recomends Avant Browser for all your RSS/browsing needs.

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