Interview with Ghost and Doom in support of their new collabo album. Also, Doom reveals that he produced about seven joints off Ghost’s upcoming Def Jam album entitled Fish Scale. Oh and that’s a really dope cover too. Interview

Mass Appeal: Did you make all new beats for him or did he have Special Herbs?
MF Doom: Oh, he happened to bump into Special Herbs—that’s what happened first. He was like, “Yo, this beat, where’d it come from?” So he got up with me and then I hit him with a batch of new butters. So some of them are off Special Herbs, some joints that haven’t been used yet. He chose a couple off there. I told him it was out before and it was on Special Herbs, but he insisted and nobody argues with Starks . So like, “Okay!” So he gets to have those, but then I hit him with a bunch of new shit that’s exquisitely butter that nobody ever heard.

Ghostface: Yeah, yeah, you know. All types of darts, man. Hip hop to me is about having fun. I grew up on real hip hop. Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Kool G Rap, Biz MArkie, Doug E. Fresh, KRS-ONE, Slick Rick and them people so I like to have fun when I write music. You know I don’t like to take shit too seriously. That street shit is good too, but it doesn’t show no creativity cause everyone is doing that. When I was doing “Nutmeg” I was rhyming with words that people probably never even… said, “It don’t even make no sense.” I wanted to do what I wanted to do. No once could stop me cause I did it how I wanted. Cause yo, if I wanted to write something down that you wouldn’t understand, yo, I’ma do it. I’m the first one that did it and made songs that made no sense to nobody. That’s me. I made history for that one, nahmean? So you know, rap is anything you want to rap about. You can rhyme about your elbow. You rhyme about picking boogers like Biz Mark did, you can rhyme about taking a shit, taking a piss. There ain’t no limits to this shit.