After composing scores for Ghost Dog and both volumes of Kill Bill, Rza is set to make his directorial debut later this year with The Man With The Iron Fist, a kung-fu film which he also wrote. Details have been kept under wraps so far but according to Vibe Online, he has seeked the advice of past collaborators Quentin Tarantino, John Woo and Jim Jarmusch. In addition, Rza the actor will be in the upcoming film Derailed starring Mr. Pimp My Ride himself, Xzibit.

“I been studying movies for seven years. The [movie is called] ‘The Man With the Iron Fist,’ and I wrote it myself. I’m a kung-fu head. The kung-fu genre hasn’t been explored since the ’70s and ’80s. I think it’ll be nice now that here in America we’re not babies at it anymore. There’s students at our Shaolin Temple that’s as good as some of the students from Asia. Now that America has embraced it and absorbed it, we can produce those kinda things over here.” -Rza