With the Grokster vs. MGM supreme court hearings set to commence, current Dallas Mavericks owner, technological entrepreneur and billionaire Mark Cuban showed his support by agreeing to fund the case against MGM. You can also check out his website, Blog Maverick, to find out what else he has to say about the case. If you haven’t been paying attention, a lot of people are anxious to see the outcome in order to assess the potential impact on various “digital” entertainment industries, especially music, and in our opinion, especially the indie scene, where a lot of artists tend to have a sometimes love/somtimes hate relationship with peer to peer sharing networks. But Cuban seems to think if Grokster is forced to shutdown it would also stifle technological innovation in general.

“So , the real reason of this blog. To let everyone know that the EFF and others came to me and asked if I would finance the legal effort against MGM. I said yes. I would provide them the money they need. So now the truth has been told. This isnt the big content companies against the technology companies. This is the big content companies, against me. Mark Cuban and my little content company.”

source: Boing Boing, Blog Maverick, News.com