Van Silk: Only certain emcees had the stature to ride in OJs. Busy Bee, Sha Rock, anyone who dealt with the Casanovas, Lisa Lee, Caz & JDL, A.J. all rode OJ. Hollywood, Eddie Cheeba, Reggie Wells and those guys made OJ famous. Hollywood did 3 or 4 parties in one night and he would use OJ. He would do an hour in the Bronx, an hour in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. He automatically had it on hold. Who is gonna leave Hollywood? The driver is in the party with Hollywood. You’re meeting girls and giving out your OJ card. That’s Instagram, that’s the real Instagram – the OJ card!

Dynamite: These drivers were known not by their real names, but by the number they used while driving. One Double 0 became Cowboys personal driver and was one of the first drivers who would play Grandmaster Flash tapes in the car. In return people would call up to OJ and request Car 100 because he had a nice car and the best music. He later became famous in song as The Furious 5 rapped in the song “Superrappin’”: “Call One Double O, he’s down wit OJ and you pay the way!”

Rahiem: When Grandmaster Flash was at his absolute hottest as a D.J. he would charge anywhere from 200 to 500 dollars to make custom tapes for people. He would shout their names throughout the tapes. He eventually did this for OJ drivers, so they were playing tapes of our parties as well as custom tapes that Flash made for them. I’d say the OJ played a significant role in the music travelling from the Bronx to other boroughs. I remember my favorite Aunt, Aunt Della lived in St. Albans Queens near Larry Smith’s Mother. I would visit my Aunt and one summer when I first joined Flash & The Furious 5 in 1979, I was crossing 202nd St to go to the store, and a car that looked like an OJ rode by and was blasting one of our latest party tapes. A lot of our exposure around New York City especially outside of the Bronx before we made records came from OJ’s.