Join us at as we show the video recording from this 1994 hip-hop event. Two cameras and the sound is straight out the soundboard too.

BOMB HIP-HOP TOUR II – San Francisco, that’s it! Filmed 2/20/94 at DNA Lounge

Starring: Supernatural w DJ 8-Ball & DJ Mark Luv, Q-Bert • Mix Master Mike • Shortkut, West Coast Rocksteady Crew, Yaggfu Front, Volume 10, Schoolly D & DJ Code Money, Akinyele feat Rob Swift, Champ MC & YoYo, 10 Bass T, Mad Pack, Dred Scott, Shakey feat Rahzel the Human Beatbox, Blackalicious, Dre Dog & Ill Mannered Posse, RawSoul and the Dereliks.