MC Chill- Downbeats (Beat The Down)
Ray Rock and KC- Ray Rock Is Kickin’
Malibu and Storm- Immu-lator
Disco Twins and Starchild- Get Back
Sockie and Kato- Loretta (You Don’t Stop mix)
Mantronix- Fresh Is The Word
Ultimate Force- Cuts Like These
Word of Mouth (ft. DJ Cheese)- Coast To Coast
Buzy Boys- B-Stro Release It
Tricky Tee- Leave It To The Drums
Butchy B- Freaks Are Wild
Golden Fresh Females- Golden Fresh Females
Seville and Jazzy J- Envious
Scorpio- Go Michael (Air Jordan)
Mr X and Mr Z- Respect
UTFO- Leader Of The Pack
Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde- Scratch On Galaxy
Prime Time- So Damn Tough
J.D.T.R- Dady’s Great
DJ Todd 1- That’s The Way I Cut
Black Rock and Ron- It’s Raw
Chill Divine- Putting It Wildly
Demon Boyz- Vibes
2 Live Crew- Cut It Up
Ghetto Boys- I Run This
Chris The Glove Taylor- Itchiban Scratch
Masterdon Committee- Funkbox Party
Public Enemy- Bring The Noise
Beastie Boys- Beastie Groove
Fats Comet- OK Bye
Jazzy Jay- Son of Beat Street