I was looking through my archives and came across dope footage from a Jungle Brothers show back in 2014. The JB’s have always ranked very high on my list of all-time great Hip-Hop live acts, and they definitely do not disappoint here. But wait, there’s more…

In this video, you not only get a great set from the Jungle Brothers. You also get a solid opening performance by Dres and Jarobi, both of whom are collectively known as the group evitaN. You also get De La Soul coming out to perform a few hits. And you also get a SUPER HYPE performance by Just-Ice. Truth be told, Just-Ice might have stolen the whole show with his set. And I didn’t even mention the cameos by Sadat X, Hakim Green, Chi-Ali, and of course, Kool DJ Red Alert.

The Native Tongues energy was representin’ hard on that night, so grab some popcorn and saddle up.

You’re welcome.

If you’re the lazy and non-attentive type, here’s the order of appearance:

00:00:00 —> 00:17:04
evitaN (Dres and Jarobi)

00:17:05 —> 01:03:57
Jungle Brothers

01:03:58 —> 01:06:40
Sadat X

01:06:41 —> 01:12:56
De La Soul

01:12:57 —> 01:23:30

01:23:31 —> 01:25:10
Jungle Brothers

01:25:11 —> 01:26:28
G MiMs

01:26:29 —> 01:27:12
Hakim Green