“all from my old tape collections and a few choice 12”s i’ve collected throughout the years but the general theme is radio/mixtape “Freestyles” as in written verses not yet released or never before heard.. Some rare shit in here. Enjoy!”

Butterscotch – Black on Black crime
Crime Fam (Loon from Badboy) – Bottle of scotch
Bugsy & Snake – Came In The Door (Paper Thin)
Herb McGruff – A Train Uptown (“Freestyle”)
Smoothe The Hustla – Tony Touch “Freestyle”
RA The Rugged Man – Sandman “Freestyle” The Whizat
RZA – Future Flavas “Freestyle”
Shakespear – DJ Mike Nice “Freestyles”
Sugafree – CM Fam-a-lam “Freestyle”
Rapordy with Catchwreck Tribek (From DJ Next Mixtape)
MF Doom – Rhymes Like Dimes Verse to Greedy Fingers Instru
Willus Drummond – Special Purpose
Adeem -Dawn of Change Ft. Alias and Mayo
Sage Francis – Radio “Freestyle”
Yeshua, Bad Seed and PH (Pumkinhead) – “Freestyle” on CM Fam-a-lam show
Yak Ballz – First Appearance on Bobbito (CM Fam-a-Lam / WKCR)