This was Elai Tubo’s premier radio mix show with WBLS 107.5 New York. Sergio Munzabai and John Morales of the famed “M&M Productions” were the resident MASTERMIXERS for the station but were HOT in demand as studio remixers. M&M began having difficulty maintaining their lunchtime radio mix show schedule. Audition tapes were solicited from New York City DJ’s and the top six were selected. This “Lunch time Dancemix Party” is unique as it was the first time a rap record was mixed in a Dance music set and played on WBLS at the prime 12’o’clock afternoon slot. The Run DMC and Curtis Blow tracks were mixed in the RECORDING studio by Tubo which he skillfully mixed into his first RADIO spot making their manager Russell Simmons (who couldn’t get his rap records played) very happy and… also making this a groundbreaking , gutsy blend of R&B, Dance and Hip Hop music, mixed with the skill of the New York DJ/studio mixologist and establishing DJ Elai as part of a very elite circle of mixers.