Das Racist called out on behavior unbecoming of sarcastically conscious rappers but probably almost expected of pop media rappers, right? The discrepancy must be in the fan base. Heems has acknowledged the event. How this plays out could be instructive for other young women.

Some young girl on Tumblr, a week ago, on how Das Racist took her back to their hotel room for non-consensual sexytime, and snorted up all of her “ADD meds”:

Heems grabbed my boob and then went to call his girlfriend.

Dap asked me to sleep in his bed a couple times and then gave up.

Lakutis asked if he could kiss me and when I said no he just decided to sneak attack kiss me on the mouth.

Vic laughed at me a lot as if I knew this was gonna happen.

Despot was asleep I think.

So I pulled their manager aside and I go, “I’m scared. I don’t want to do anything with anybody.”

And he said, “I’m sober. You can sleep in my bed I won’t try anything.”

But then I was falling asleep and he tried anyway so I pretended to be dead.

In the morning I heard:

“Did you get any?”


“Fuckin Iowa, man.”

via gabetwee.tumblr.com