Some beautiful music and singing in this preview to Blood Earth. My family and I will make it to India one day. Much respect to Word Sound Power.

Word Sound Power is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to integrating socially relevant songs from India with electronic music produced by Chris McGuinness, alongside lyrics by dancehall artist/dub poet Delhi Sultanate.

Music reflects the experience of its maker – explicitly through lyrics, and implicitly through sound. Word Sound Power constructively engages in musical collaborations with artists from conflicted areas and societal margins, resulting in musical albums and film documentaries. These artists find empowerment through the expression of word and sound.

Each Word Sound Power project features a specific artist, location, and people’s movement. Cultural and historical aspects are researched, and a field trip is made to record, film and collaborate. A studio is assembled on site in the village. The film exposes the people’s struggle and the creative process. New musical forms emerge, embracing folk idioms, universal dub themes, and sonic explorations.