Peace to Elmhurst

This mixtape expresses my life as a DJ. I’ve played 80’s / freestyle/House music at first. Then as years went by, I’ve played everything else, such as : old school, hip-hop,Rap,R&B,etc. I am all around DJ, 100% of the mix I’ve made is pure vinyl. I’m positive that 80% of these songs would be unavailable to find online. These tracks made me go out every week just to hear them. Some of the songs weren’t even played on the radio because it was considered “underground house music” So now, I give you a piece of my history of what I”ve heard from 1988-1993. Of course, There was a lot of house music being played during that era, but there are the tracks that stuck in my head. Just listen to the mix. Sit back,reminisce,or dance your heart away and experience what a mix tape is suppose to sound like.