The mixed reactions that Oddfuture engenders is apparently enough to get Gossiping Bitches writing again.

As for the group, with the concept of selling out long since losing all meaning in hip-hop, its members are thrilled to be getting paid in a way it had no chance of doing otherwise.

withFUCKrepresentingBITCHitsNIGGAnamePUSSYinFUCKpublic,” said the one guy with the stupid name.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Odd Future,” agreed the other guy with the other stupid name. “We look forward to proving Microsoft right, as we mature as human beings and show other corporations that we can partner with them to fulfill mutual business goals that…that…uh…fuckfuckfucknigganigganiggafaggotfaggotfaggotbitchbitchbitch…[panting]“

When reached for comment, Mos Def tried way too hard.