First track from Safe As Milk Replica, a forthcoming re-work project by Al Lover, in honor of, and dedication to, Captain Beefheart. Some out there might not understand how re-imagining old tunes honors the originators, but I need not explain that here, nor could I, not fully, I don’t think.

Al Lover – Where There’s A Woman

This is the first track from the upcoming album “Safe as Milk Replica” that I’m making in honor of the late, great Captain Beefheart. The man was a true innovator, and he deserves to be honored for his important contributions to music. This is my way of doing that, by cutting it up and gluing it back together all fucked up and weird. What can I say, it’s all I know. For the next week I will be reworking his album “Safe As Milk” and will release the full results on Monday Dec. 27th for free download. In no way do I intend to try to outshine the works on this record, it might be one of the most perfect Rock albums ever made, I just wish to tip the old hat to the guy for a job well done. “Good show sir, you made some of the best music ever produced on this earth. Your efforts were not in vain.” This is in my opinion is a way to help preserve the great works of the past, and help share them with more people. If this effort makes at least one person who hasn’t heard of Beefheart go back and explore his works, than I have done my job. I remember as a kid my dad always talking this guy up(Pops was, and is still a big Zappa Fan). It wasn’t till I was in my late teens when I picked up one of his albums, “Trout Mask Replica”, and I was Like “What the Fuck was this cat up to? He’s fuckin’ insane!” Truly original music. Some of the best shit ever. “Safe as Milk” is an incredible album, and I advise everyone who likes any sort of music to pick up a copy and bump that shit loud as fuck.