Unsubstantiated rumors like these make me uncomfortable. Reminds me of that Willie Lynch letter everyone takes as a given. But lets skip that. P4k shares the following recounting from D. Harry:

“The hairs on the back of my neck just stood up. I pulled the door handle from the outside. He tried to stop me by spinning the car, but it helped me fling myself out. Afterwards I saw him on the news. Ted Bundy.”

Not the first time I’ve heard this and not the first time I’ve tried to find confirmation. Snopes provides a good amount of helpful information which makes it pretty clear that, assuming the event even took place, her interpretation of that event, is very unlikely. Excerpted here in relevant portion:

At no time in his life did Ted Bundy show up in New York City. The closest he ever got to NYC was a trip he made to visit relatives in Philadelphia and to look up his birth record in Vermont in early 1969, five years before he began kidnapping and killing you women.

Not trying to knock the seriousness of these series of tragedies and people’s ability to relate and project, but, c’mon son. Peace to Fab5 though.