Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m an NFL football fanatic. I grew up playing football, hockey and lacrosse, and athletics are largely responsible for the man you’ve come to know through my music. As a long time sports talk radio addict, I have longed to launch my own show, and I have finally hit the point where I’m diving in and publicly sharing my developing talents as a league analyst.

My show is called “Big Games with J. Haynes” & my goal with this program is to bridge the gap between my loves for Hip Hop and NFL football. I have always been dedicated to following my passions in life, and doing this show falls right in line with that doctrine. Tune in to this volume one edition and hear the highly spirited “You Make Me Sick” segment where I unashamedly bash the Raiders and Chargers. As a bonus to the listeners, there is also an exclusive Perceptionists track titled “Play to Win” featured in this program.
Thanks for listening!