Beat Junkies – Roc Raida Tribute Mix Pt. 1

Beat Junkies – Roc Raida Tribute Mix Pt. 2

The Junkies with the help of VTech threw a tribute to our dear friend, the
late great Grandmaster Roc Raida of the X-Ecutioners this past September.
The actual event was on the date he was buried: Sept 24th. We were able to
have some of the members of the X-Ecutioners to help participate with the
event, as well as having Roc Raida’s family in the house.

If you were in LA for this event, you were able to witness something very
magical. And for those who didn’t get to experience it, and those who want
to relive it, here are 2 links of the live recordings from the show below
for you to peep out:

*Part 1*

*Part 2*

Make sure you also peep out podcast 2 which features Roc Raida’s daughter
Nya Williams (she is 11 years old) aka NyRaida representing on the
turntables in honor of her father.

Part two tracklisting:

1. Beat Junkies Team Routine (Babu, J.Rocc, Rhettmatic, & Mr Choc)
2. Beat Junkies Scratch Set (in order: Rhettmatic, J.Rocc, Babu, & Mr Choc)
3. X-Ecutioners: Precision (7:40 – 11:25), Boogie Blind (11:29 – 16:18), Rob Swift (16:22 – 23:00).
4. Rock The Bells Finale: Rob Swift (23:01 – 23:59), Boogie Blind (24:00 – 24:40), Mr Choc (24:41 – 24:58), Rhettmatic(24:59 – 25:29), Precision (25:30 – 26:07), Sean C (26:08 – 26:47), Dj NyRaida *Roc Raida’s Daughter* (26:50 – 28:01), Rob Swift (28:16 – 31:02).

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