Rafi Kam points to an informative post summarizing why Global Grind’s content scraping is outrageous. We have complained about this sort of thing for some time but Rafi takes it one step further. Applying his web development skills, he has devised a way for publishers to block content from Russell Simmons’ pockets. The tutorial is planned to go live tonight @ OhWord. And by the looks of it, it works.

It’s funny how this strategy of content scraping fits in so well with Simmons’ reputational history, isn’t it? Is it intentional or just ignorance? I remember when I first got my hands on a copy of XXL Magazine’s Best Hip-Hop Blogs issue. Content and appreciative as I was to see our site included, damn it if it didn’t make my stomach churn to see Global Grind listed right next to us, and in addition to that, Simmons’ grill smiling right at me. I wish I didn’t misplace that issue so I could ritualistically burn it when I try out my new fireplace. I wonder how Simmons reconciles his business interests with his new age hokey pokey. Is he counting on death bed redemption? Speaking of redemption, if Diddy helps put out a Jay Electronica album, will he be forgiven? Will I be forgiven for smugness and poor grammar? Sigh, we need an editor.