Although the email blast broke many of my unwritten rules, like using the term mash-up seriously and having an oxymoronic name (as you can see, we prefer self-righteousness and multiplicity) I followed the link on the strength of the last line which read “…I’ll let the music speak for itself”. 100 Akres Productions offers an ununique yet compelling blend of Nas (and AZ) vocals with Marley sounds. It managed to remind me that I am a Nas fan (something I forgot for the past decade or so), especially when the sometimes winded MC allows himself to fallback back a bit into (within?) great music, instead of thinking his lyrics are enough to compensate for snoozie, scared-to-sample production. Peace to Fresh.

<a href="">Intro (bob is like) by 100 Akres Productions</a>
Nas & Bob Marley – Relatives Abroad