Wow, I was watching this and thinking how it seems like a struggling attempt to recreate the vibe of Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime”. Down to the title, that’s a trip. A little bit Bizarro even. Apparently the lead rapper, MC Class, can confirm that.

This was a video done in Seattle by The first rap group I was in Brothers Of The same Mind. It was supposed to compete with summertime. Most of the musicians in this group quit due bad breaks and set backs. I was the lead rapper in the group featured In the Source Feb 89 and two other Source magazines. For the love of the art and Seattle I felt it would only be fair to put this on you tube. Enjoy. I havent seen it in 20 years. I couln’t get a clean copy. Can’t get a hold of the manager, after all this was done in 1989 or 1991

via Bring The Beat Back