via Old School Hip Hop Tapes

Facts: sugar hill was scheduled to perform one evening, and never showed up. The show officials assumed that when the G-MONEY CREW arrived in a fat stretch limo lookin’ clean that they were a part of the sugar hill posse. They gave them the full star treatment (ie back stage access, great floor seats, etc.). In attendance were several hip hop fans and aspiring hip hop performers.. specifically, run-d-mc!! They were seated in the balcony (left of stage / right of audience) and were able to clearly see the who’s who in the vip section. as did all the other onlookers. hence, the birth of hip hop style, first introduced by the legendary G-MONEY CREW from East Harlem (NYC)

MR. HYDE, MR. BOND, STARCHILD, RONNIE GREEN (AKA Captain Rock) – Foster Center, 1979 tape part 1, part 2