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Method Man, Ghostface, & Raekwon – Our Dreams

“ayo listen here [ ] glow
you know we both make angels when we lay in the snow
heat the house with the other when the chips got low
cause tony can’t be out there pushing that blow
you made plans and dreams, not grams and schemes
i’m on a search for the meaning of love
see what it means
cause we hustled so hard, cross so many bridges
made babies, took trips to the mall, for family pictures
and our souls is magnetic, we the meaning of destiny
be that banker of trust that looks to invest in me
together, to-get-her, means for me to get you
we back, reunite like the wu
see we soulmates, we melt like cookies and cream
and i fiend for the days and the nights to sex my queen
so no matter how hard it seems
dreams come true
keep allah in our hearts, hugs and kisses
tony starks”