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Tsigoti (previously known as Waristerror Terroriswar) is an experimental improvising quazi-punk band dedicated to expressing their opposition for war, authoritarian regimes,and violent religious extremes. The band is made up of members from two different continents, each with much experience in a wide variety of musical/life situations. Their first album “The Brutal Reality Of Modern Brutality” (Edgetone Records) was written and recorded in 3 days. It was birthed spontaneously through a collective urgency. They met again this past year to record a second album, play their first shows to wildly enthusiastic audiences, and reconfirm their collective skeptical optimism.

“Private Poverty Speaks To The People Of The Party” was created with more involvement and time to craft songs, though the raw spirit and spontaneity is still embraced as the fundamental elements of the overall experience. This time war is seen from the inside: from people who suffer being attacked, imprisoned, terrorized, tortured, brainwashed, and tricked.