Straight up clownin in this video!

Aight so some of you saw the one or two parts of that video that Culture freedom had of himself cooking. Some of you are just getting hip to what’s going on understandibly .. but understand this: NYOIL is the IRON CHEF.. now I called out Wise Intelligent, He hid behind Culture Freedom.. I called Out Culture, These cats are DUCKING ME FAM..
We set the date, Sat. December 12th 2009 @ wineLIFE located at 386 VanDuzer Street SI. NY 10304. I’ve got my dude DMC coming, DJ Johnny Juice, Roxanne Shante, Tone Crush, I got the outreach programs coming.. I got the community leaders coming out.. I got the people coming out.. We helping to get the sisters business off the ground.. and where are these cats at?? acting like they don’t know what it is!
Hakim Green (Channel Live) flew in from Florida for his ass kicking, Jamarhl (UNO the Prophet) Crawford is driving down from Boston for his ass whupping, DJ Green ARROW is ready for that ass whupping, the Get ’em Girls is ready for they spanking, now why you hiding Culture?? why u hiding??