Circa ’95 demo tape from Cincinnati vets with unreleased tracks and early versions of songs that ultimately landed on their full length debut DOOM (if you’re not familiar, a regionally significant album pushed by TVT and sometimes accurately credited for launching careers of Talib & Hi-Tek). Link (via)

1.MOOD – Untitled Demo 1 (Unreleased)
2.MOOD – Untitled Demo 2 (Unreleased)
3.Talib Kweli – Untitled Demo 1 (Unreleased)(Cuts out for 4 secs at 1:00 mark)*
4.Talib Kweli – Untitled Demo 2 (Unreleased)
5.MOOD – Cincinnatti (Hi-Tek Version)(Unreleased)
6.Donte – Mr. Everything (Solo Version)(Unreleased)
7.MOOD – Doom Da feat. Pase Rock of Five Deez^(Unreleased)(Contains the interlude “Babylon The Great”, later used on the “DOOM” LP)
8.MOOD – Illuminated Sunz (Demo Version w/o Sunz Of Man)(Unreleased)
9.Talib Kweli & Rubix – Millionaires (Later released on “Mission Control Presents: Prehistoric Sounds” compilation)
10.MOOD – Untitled Demo 3 (Unreleased)(Main Flow’s verses from this were later used on DJ Greyboy’s “Uknowmylife” from the “Mastered The Art” LP)
11.MOOD – Peddlers Of Doom (Demo Version)(Unreleased)
12.MOOD – Empty Pages feat. Talib Kweli (Slightly different intro to the version later released on “Mission Control Presents: Prehistoric Sounds” compilation)
13.Talib Kweli – Untitled Demo 1 (Remix feat. Donte)(Unreleased)

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