New EP by Mind Mechanics (Memphis Reigns & hypoetical) produced by and featuring Piloophaz of the Skyzominus crew from France and DJ O’legg doing the scratches. Peace to Memphis Reigns in the Army, serving in Afghanistan. Instead of buying this EP they recommend donating to the relief efforts in the Philippines and Samoa. Link

Mind Mechanics & Piloophaz – Allied Forces EP

Année : 2009
Durée : 6 titres / 23 mn
Production : Skyzominus – Mind Mechanics & Bboykonsian

1 – man behind the mirror (mind mechanics)
2 – circle of life (memphis reigns & piloophaz)
3 – armageddon (hypoetical)
4 – clouds of smoke (mind mechanics, piloophaz, smimooz & dj olegg)
5 – saoul music (piloophaz & dj o’legg)
6 – 5 minutes to midnight (mind mechanics & dj o’legg)

We hope you enjoy this free release. If you like it enough to support us, we ask you instead help the relief efforts in the Philippines and Samoa. Not much has been publicized in America, but both countries got hit really hard with natural disasters. Being of Pacific Islander descent, we’d like to do our part to help those less fortunate.